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Damage Property Assessment and Claim Settlement Process

Property Insurance Claim Settlement

I need to file a claim on my home insurance. Why can’t I just do it myself? This is a question we get a lot here at Select Adjusters. The fact is that using a public adjuster is well within your interests because we work for you, not your insurance company.

  • You win more money than if you place a claim yourself
  • You are represented to the insurance company
  • You pay nothing unless we win the settlement for you
  • If a past claim has been denied, it can get approved
  • Typically, the most you have to pay out of pocket is your deductible

We do everything we can to maximize your settlement to ensure you receive all the money you’re entitled to, because that’s why you pay your premiums. Many claims settled by Select Adjusters have totaled up to 4x the amount originally expected by the client.

Are you willing to turn that type of money down?

How To Navigate The Residential Claims Process: Tips From The Experts

So Why Use Us?

As you know, insurance companies do not want to pay out claims. In the event that they have to, they will do everything possible to pay out as little as possible. At Select Adjusters, we don’t think that’s fair. You pay your premiums to ensure that, in the event of storm damage, you’ll receive a fair payout relative to your policy. 

That’s why it is our sole mission to represent you when damage has occurred to maximize your settlement. Claimants using Select Adjuster receive on average 4x the amount than if they would’ve claimed on their own. 

There’s nothing stopping you from making a claim on your home insurance policy yourself.

But before you commit to doing that, consider this:

  • Are you familiar with the insurance industry and the jargon?
  • Can you accurately assess and thoroughly summaries the damage to your home?
  • Do you have the time to go through your policy to claim for everything you’re covered for?
  • Are you willing to bear the grind of negotiating with your insurance company?
  • Can you afford to miss out on 4x your settlement?

Select Adjuster

What Makes Us Different?

At Select Adjusters we genuinely care about your claim and getting you the money, you deserve to repair your property and get your life back on track. We treat each claim as if it was our own home and family going through what you’re going through, so you can be sure of excellent, caring service every time you speak with us. Only by choosing Select Adjusters can you get total peace of mind that your claim is in the best hands possible. 

As you can see, it couldn’t be easier to get Select Adjusters working for you. You’ll receive a significantly larger settlement than if you claimed on your policy by yourself and best of all, you only need to pay your deductible when the settlement is agreed.

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