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Hail Damage Assessment & Settlement of Properties in Mesa, AZ

Hail Damage Assessment & Settlement

As a leading provider of hail damage assessment and settlement services, Select Adjuster is proud to offer our services to property owners in Mesa, AZ. We have a team of experienced adjusters who are familiar with the process of assessing and settling hail damage claims, and we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. If you’ve been affected by a recent hail storm, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can assess the damage and begin working on your claim. We understand the stress that comes with dealing with property damage, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.

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Hail Damage Assessment You Can Count On

Hail damage is terrible for a roof as it can result in roofing leakages and other problems. Damage can be practical or cosmetic, and it’s the cosmetic damage that is, in some cases, more extreme than it looks. Things like damaged edges, bruises, punctures, and granule loss can trigger severe complications, though they might appear cosmetic at first.

When a shingle loses granules, its asphalt covering is exposed to the elements, causing accelerated aging. Take a look at your seamless gutters and downspouts after a hail storm to see if any granules have come off your shingles. Difficult hail effects or high winds can grip the shingles and trigger cracks.

Split shingles cannot efficiently protect your roofing from the weather. Hail influence on the roof can shatter the shingles’ surfacing, causing it to break away from the fiberglass mat beneath. Fractured fiberglass can be a little more challenging to find and typically requires a skilled eye. Fractured fiberglass mats can lead to tears and fractures from the point of hail impact.

A weakened seal is what triggers a shingle to blow off and can leave your roofing system exposed to the aspects. As soon as a shingle is damaged, its stability has been completely compromised. This can result in leakages, and it can trigger other shingles around it to tear. Once you understand these common forms of hail roof damage, you can begin to try to find indications of damage on your property after a hailstorm.

Get a roof evaluation for a qualified expert to examine the hail damage on your roof or follow our practical suggestions. The very first location to look for damage caused by hail is your rain gutters. High-impact hail that triggers roof damage will more than likely damage your rain gutters and downspouts. This is the easiest place to see and examine when trying to find signs of roof damage.

Gutters will likewise fill up and clog due to granules that shingles can shed when hail hits them. Obstructed and overflowing gutters suggest that hail may have harmed your roofing. The second location we recommend looking at is your siding, and the third location is your deck. Both of these areas will experience damage from a bad hailstorm and are easy indicators for possible shingle damage.

Yes! Even hail smaller sized than 1 inch can trigger damage to a roofing system or to other areas of your house. After a hailstorm, the hail’s size can be the most convenient indicator as to what types of damage you may face. While not a foolproof technique for anticipating storm damage, understanding the different hail sizes and how they affect your house is a terrific place to begin.

Hail this size typically damages vinyl siding, window screens, metal fascia, and paint on a deck. We also see it remove granules from asphalt shingles and damage gutters and downspouts. As soon as we hit the 1″ mark, we begin to see bruising to shingle underlayment and significant damage to siding, gutters, and fascia.

With only a” boost, the seriousness of this size of the hail is far more substantial. Parts of your home exposed to hail have the potential to appear like swiss cheese. Even without wind, we’ll see this hail cause damage by simply falling out of the sky. This size of hail triggers significant commercial property damage.

Now we’re getting to the size where the hail can penetrate softer roofing parts, such as ridge caps or plastic roof vents. Combined with wind, this hail size can tear siding entirely off a house, crack windows, and damage most metal components. Anything this size or above will cause substantial and extreme damage to your property.

It’s recommended that you call a roofing contractor with insurance experience right away after this type of storm event. If a storm brings hail that is over one inch in diameter, the hail damage to your roofing will most likely be apparent. When hail is integrated with high wind speeds, roofing damage can be a lot more severe.

Select Adjuster is offering hail damage assessment and settlement of properties in Mesa, AZ. We have a team of experienced public adjusters in Arizona who will work with you to determine the extent of the damage and negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company. Contact us today to get started.

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