About Us

“Providing exceptional customer advocacy to each client individually, by being the most efficient, scalable public adjusting firm”

Our employees truly care about every customer and advocate on their behalf as if it were our home and our family.

At Select Adjusters we are a public adjusting firm, specializing in insurance claims resulting from natural disasters such as hail damage, wind damage, and water damage. These natural disasters can cause severe damage to your home and other property, and with a public adjuster advocating on your behalf you are in the best position to get fully paid on your insurance claim.

We understand that your insurance claim is more than a financial transaction between you and the insurance company.

It’s not having that bucket in your kitchen catching water.

It’s not needing to have your children sleep with you because their bedroom has dangerous leaks.

It’s not having to stress about the cost of replacing your roof when you have so many other bills to pay.

It’s a personal experience that needs to be handled with care, by people who care about you and your family, and who are experts at returning you back to the life you had before the storm took that from you.

We make sure everything we do is done with the utmost integrity, driven by a company wide commitment to complete adherence to all applicable laws,  acts and ordinances both federally and locally in your specific municipality.

Your trust is the most important aspect of our engagement with you!